TwinswHeel was created by twin brothers from France. Benjamin is an automotive and aeronautic engineer, while Vincent is an automotive system engineer.

TwinswHeel is an automotive vehicle for carriers. It looks like a small droid with two bicycle wheels on each side. It can carry 40kg over 10km, which makes it great to deliver all kinds of packages. While many companies like Amazon are working on delivery drones, a ground droid like this one could also be a useful solution.

The main market is obviously going to be e-commerce. With one droid, you can deliver the equivalent of three Postmates deliveries. And, obviously, it could also be much cheaper. So the next time you see someone riding a bike with a Deliveroo or Postmates bag, think about the robot that could replace them.

The droid has four cameras to make sure that nobody is going to steal a package.

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