A supermarket in France is testing out using robots to help deliver people’s shopping for them.

The supermarket chain Franprix has teamed up with robotics company TwinswHeel to test out the delivery robots at their store in Paris.

The robots have two large wheels, a storage compartment that can hold around 30-40 litres of shopping, and can travel around 25 km before needing to be charged.

The makers are hoping that the robots can help older people, or people who find it hard to get around, by carrying heavy shopping to their homes.

The robots are paired to customers using facial recognition, and a follow me button.

The robots will follow customers home carrying their shopping for them.
Initially the robots will have special minders who will follow them around, as the law doesn’t allow robots to travel on the streets on their own yet.

The trial will be free of charge, and last for a year. Franprix Managing Director Jean-Paul Mochet said: “If the test is successful, we may extend it to other Franprix stores.”

In the future the makers hope the robots can deliver people’s shopping to them without them even having to leave home.

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